South West Waste Management is proud to be your local independent waste and recycling professionals. We are happy to help you estimate the bin size that will best suit your project. Our goal is to match container and service level perfectly to your needs, providing the best value for your dollar. Being 100% family owned and operated, we are committed to keeping our communities clean, safe, and green.

* Our goal at South West Waste is to implement safe and reliable waste collection & disposal options as well as introducing additional recycling solutions into the lifestyles of our fellow Albertans.

* We have no long term contracts like the large multinational waste management companies.

* We provide the highest quality toilet services, clean & sanitized, affordable and reliable.

* We offer easy fence rentals to secure any place without adding a permanent structure. Strong, durable, and high quality fence so you can be stress free.

* Our quality of dependable service, fair rates and a reputation of impeccable intregrity is our contract. Exceeding our customer's expectations every day in the communities in which we operate is how we retain & grow our valued customers base.